A Home for Your Hens

Turning your shed into a coopSheds have endless possibilities aside from storage. One of those possibilities is converting your new or out of use unit into a chicken coop. Here are some ways that you can take your shed and turn it into a home for hens.

First, install a screen door in addition to the existing door. This is so that your chickens will have lots of fresh air and sunshine during the day. Do the same for the windows. Adding screens to the windows allows you the option of opening and closing them when needed. But it is important to make sure that both the doors and windows are strong enough to keep out unwanted intruders.

Next, install shelves to the walls to give your chickens a place to roost. Make sure that each of the roosting spaces are separated (you can put dividing walls on the tops and sides of the spaces; just make sure that they are comfortably sized for the chickens). Also add a small ramp to each cubby so that the hens can easily get in and out.

As a warning, be aware that where you build the shelves determines where you will have to clean up the droppings that the chickens leave behind. Putting hay where the chickens roost makes cleaning more manageable, but it’s also a good idea plan ahead to ensure that the chickens won’t be leaving their calling cards on a fellow hen.

Last but not least, designate space to store your covered food containers and tools. Adding an extra room or even a cabinet inside the shed is a great way to keep your things clean from the mess that the hens leave behind. Putting the container under the roosting shelves is an easy alternative if you are tight on space. You can also hang hooks near the door so that your tools will be within easy reach.

So, if you need a home for your hens or simply need some extra storage space, stop by Bennett Buildings of North Carolina in Greensboro. After you find what you need, we will arrange for the delivery and set up so you won’t have to! We would love to help you!

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Photo Credit: Peppysis via Compfight cc
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